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If you’ve ever traveled for an extended amount of time you may be familiar to the wide world of travel underwear. (I hate the word panties so it is always travel underwear.

hanky panky low rise thongs |

vasque switchback

I know what you are thinking. Wait a minute … those aren’t specially made at the state-of-the-art, Scientific Travel Lab Headquarters, that’s just regular underwear! Well just hear me out…

| fashion |

Whether I’m traveling to Argentinian waterfalls or driving through a carwash, every day I will be wearing Hanky Pankies. One-size-fits-all, no squeezing your booty into a muffin top. They look good under, or when not under anything. No VPL. I have them in every color under the rainbow. (I just saw they now have them in plaid!) Did I mention they look really cute? Flashy not trashy.

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Soo comfortable, they were voted most comfortable thong since Cleopatra VII brought them into style during the height of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. They are tiny and fold up to nearly nothing letting you pack quite a few without sacrificing space in your bag. Even though they’re not ‘specially made for travel’ and ‘approved for orbit by 4 out of 5 Russian cosmonauts’, they really do work for travel. I found that if I wash them in the sink they are dry the next day. I suggest bringing quite a few and then when you have an extended stopover just wash them all.

Did you know that lace is quick drying?!

down with granny panties!

patagonia hipster | adventure travel underwear

patagonia underwear

These are the creme de la creme of travel underwear.

| fashion |

Cute colors and designs.

| function |

Comfortable. They stay put no matter what you’re doing. (Like searching for tigers on elephant back). Wicking … super fast drying. Super awesome.

buy these in bulk when you see on sale

ex officio soytopia seamless thong|

travel thongs

Why should your functional travel underwear be less cute than what you have at home? You’re on vacation after all. With these soy thongs from Ex Officio you’ll be comfortable and cute.

| fashion |

Cute under clothing and alone. Comes in colors like spearment and black.

| function |

Yes that’s right they’re 77% soy, which has natural wicking and anti-odor abilities. Not quite sure how you make clothing out of soy, but I’m pretty sure they don’t fall into the category of edible underwear. Great for climbing, camping, hiking and long airplane delays. I think they’re pretty comfortable. They run a little small, atleast I hope they do.

icebreaker nature hot pant underwear|

icebreaker underwear

These are real nice Clark. And they should be for the price. I suspect the wool must come from an actual wooly mammoth.

| fashion |

I think these are just really cute. I would probably wear these as PJ’s at night and do thongs by day. They come in lots of cute colors (black, pink, gray, chill) that have pretty designs on the sides. So probably a good investment. Because how can you have fun on vacation if your underwear is ugly.

| function |

I think these are super comfy. Made from merino wool which is actually super soft- never itchy. Wool is another natural fabric with wicking and anti-odor properties — both very useful qualities in an underwear. (Apparently some man-made materials fare better on the wicking side than anti-odor.)

You should try and use the word “wicking” in a sentence today.

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