When Anita Ekberg lands in Italy and emerges from the plane in La Dolce Vita is she wearing sweatpants and a tee shirt? No she’s looking statuesque wearing the perfect little black dress. One item you should never leave home without is that any occasiontravel dress. Wad it up in a pile, wear it for weeks, wash it in the sink and just keep looking absolutely fabulous. Looking like a tourist when you travel is well molto stupido.

black travel wrap dress!

vasque switchback

The perfect black travel dress!

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What’s better for any event than a wrap dress? And what beats a wrap dress? A faux wrap dress. The Nectar Dress from Atheleta assures no flying open with unfamiliar wind gusts on vacation. With arm flattering cap sleeves, and figure friendly cinched wrap waist. Diane Von Furstenberg would be proud.

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Light-weight, wrinkle free polyester/ spandex. Wicking fabric. So basic that you can transform this into like 14 different outfits using only your powers of accessorizing!

Bring on more travel dresses!


Also from Athleta this one is a little more va va voom!

The pack everywhere dress will be perfect for a night on the town anywhere. (Except for Nepal, India, and the entire middle east. Etc..) The white stiching gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?

Cute black dresses that happen to travel well


Just because it doesn’t have TRAVEL in the name, doesn’t mean you have to leave it at home…

Ella Moss Cowl Neck Dress.

This is my go to dress. Looked dumb on the hanger and awesome when I tried it on.

It’s jersey, so yeah it doesn’t have wicking and wad-up abilities, but if you were going to wear it a couple times on vacation you’d be a-ok. Not as short as on the 7-foot model pic. I’m a mere 5’2″ and it is just enough above the knee to flatter but not be too risque. I wear it on it’s own or over skinny jeans. The fabric feels nice and quality like any Ella Moss number. A nice change from the bathing suit feel of many sport/travel garments that might be in your suitcase.

Another cute dress ready to travel


Three Dots Shift Dress

Typical dresses made specifically for travel often are frumpy. Probably catering to the retirement travel crowd. But viscose/spandex material sounds like a travel dress to me, but without the potato sack look and unflattering hemline. Three-quarter sleeves and an A-line skirt give this dress style with class, ready for testing out your language skills at a local cafe.

I’m becoming more and more a fan of being creative with my traveling clothes. I don’t want to wear something I wouldn’t buy at home just because the manufacturer says it’s for travel.

three dots scoop neck dress

Three Dots Scoopneck Dress

This scoopneck version is also pretty cute. I’d say you’d be good with anything from Ella Moss or Three Dots, both brands tend to have stretchy washable fabric.

Cute travel dresses on a budget

Inevitably your vacation will go over budget so cramming your suitcase full of designer dresses might be a slightly bad idea.

Luckily I happened upon a few steals!

Mossimo Wrap Dress from Target



This one got great reviews and it’s 30 bucks.

A-Line Mossimo Dress from Target

three dots scoop neck dress

Around 25 bucks and this baby is ready for accessorizing! Who cares if it doesn’t last forever. It’s 25 dollars, you can vacuum the house in it.

Bonus Tip!

When you are putting together your travel clothing line make sure you check the fabric. Synthetic fabrics dry much faster than cotton (which takes forever). Also check to see if it wrinkles easily.

If you are planning on doing some in room washing on your trip try giving it a test run before you leave. Wash it at night and see if it’s dry in the morning.

don’t you look hot!
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