One bus ticket to Belize please

I’m soo not gonna make it! I stayed way too long in Honduras, therefore I have to speed through Guatemala to meet my boyfriend in Belize.

How to stay adventurous on your adventure

you gotta live a little ... You blew half your savings on this trip. Cashed in a years worth of vacation days at work. And even got a new fancy SLR to capture every fantastical moment of your dream vacation.

How to make the airport less painful

I abhor traveling on holidays, I call it amateur day. Newby travelers with no strategy get in my way from check-in to wheels down. Here's a few airport tips to blend in with the pros and make the airport as painless as possible.

Staying skinny when you’re living large.

I love to eat. I love to drink. I also love to be not fat. So how can I continue my life of debauchery on the road without all my workout gear? Since packing your

Looking on the bright side when things go wrong.

Inevitably things will sometimes go horribly awry on vacation. But how you handle it in your head can mean the difference between a trip-ruining fiasco and a life lesson that puts you on the fast track to traveler enlightenment.

Cute Travel Outfits

When I travel I like to be cute and comfortable. Yes it is possible! Check out these looks I put together. travel outfit numero uno This look is totally me.

How to look like a tourist on vacation.

Your Disneyland fanny pack circa '83 is fully stuffed, SLR with attached zoom lens is swinging wildly, and those dark socks surely need one last pull skyward.

The Big Five

A fool-proof formula for planning the perfect trip 1. Visit a small city Arriving smack dab in the middle of a giant, mega-city is standard practice for most vacations.

Simple toiletries and cosmetics packing

Toiletries can engulf your suitcase. Before you go emptying your bathroom drawers into your bag, balance how you can look great in all those vacation pictures and also look fabulous carrying a super light suitcase.

11 packing tips to pack smarter

So you’ve gone and booked a trip. Now how do you get things from point A to point B? It’s called packing and here’s a good overview of super packing tips to get you started.

black travel dresses

When Anita Ekberg lands in Italy and emerges from the plane in La Dolce Vita is she wearing sweatpants and a tee shirt? No she's looking statuesque wearing the perfect little black dress.

the best women’s travel underwear

If you’ve ever traveled for an extended amount of time you may be familiar to the wide world of travel underwear.