Cute Travel Outfits

When I travel I like to be cute and comfortable. Yes it is possible! Check out these looks I put together.

travel outfit numero uno

travel outfit

This look is totally me. Wearing your boots instead of packing them lightens the load of your bag. Start neutral with pieces you can mix and match for optimum outfittage. Then add a splash of color with a pashimina. You can wrap up with it if you’re chilly on the plane or ball it up as a pillow. Wearing leggings feels like wearing PJ’s but styled the right way you look hot! You could also do some fun pattern socks with this over the leggings that peek out of the slouch boot.

travel outfit numero dos

travel outfit
Cool meets comfy.

Here’s another Plaid Suitcase approved travel outfit. Notice the compass necklace, which I never leave home without. I like the versatility of bringing a dark wash skinny jean. Pair them with flight connecting fast sneakers, motorcycle boots, or stilettos for going out. If you’re a fan of color you could add a little pop with a cool jewel tone cami (maybe teal or purple?!). Just make sure it goes with more than one thing in your suitcase.

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