Porto, Portugal

I was in hermit mode again.

I had parted ways with my boyfriend back in Lisbon. He flew back to the states, (because he has something called a job 😬), but since I’m strictly freelance and Portugal was delightful on the pocket book I decided to stick around a little longer. So I took the train up to Porto and splurged on first class!

Keepin' it classy in first class.

I booked 3 whole weeks at an adorable airbnb close to Bolhão Market. It felt super homey. Sweet kitchen. Washer dryer. Fancy shower and a bidet! The works.

See no reason to leave ever.

After eating out for pretty much a month straight I was excited to shop at the market, cook my own meals and work on my passion project. Not that I knew remotely what that was… but I was still super stoked about all the free time I would have to pour myself into it. I knew once I was alone everything would fall into place.

I ate olives. I drank wine. I listened to audio books. I didn’t talk to anyone. I played far too much Harry Potter on my iPad.

Hufflepuff and proud bitches.

Yet with all the alone-free time in the world my “passion” eluded me. I surfed instagram and looked at other peoples’ passion. I took Skillshare animation classes. I started drawing random stuff on my ipad.

I drew my grocery list.

I forgot the garlic.

I drew a tube of hand lotion

Is this filled with passion?

I drew this guy.

Are you my passion?

I had to get out!

My relentless pursuit of passion was causing me anxiety.

I needed an outside focus? And preferably one that’s out-side.

Time for another Mundane Mission! It’s a thing I made up that helps me connect with the outside world when I get too stuck inside my head. As a digital nomad and full-time traveler sometimes the unlimited options can be crippling to my brain. I’ll over-think and over-analyze to the point that’s it’s easier to just stay in my safe little bubble.

But there’s an undiscovered city waiting out there, I just need a reason to explore. And it might as well be a weird reason.

So let’s see I’m in Porto. There’s a lot of cool type and signage out there. How about I find all the P’s in Porto? Perfecto!

It’s dumb. It’s simple. It’s not virtual Hogwarts.

I'm super cool.

Once again on my scavenger hunt I didn’t care that people thought I was a weirdo scampering around the cobblestones taking pics of license plates, random stuff on the ground and running across a busy street to capture a closeup shot of a trash can.

Out of the way anxiety… I’m on official P business. I even chose my lunch restaurant because it started with a P!

A "P"requisite - I'm not apologizing.

So maybe I didn’t end up finding my passion in Porto, but I sure had fun finding P’s!

P's in Porto


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