I’m not enjoying myself.

Why? I have an entire Friday to myself. The weather’s gorgeous. I’m sitting next to a magical waterfall watching the ducks. People are feeding the ducks. They are standing beside a sign that says do not feed the ducks. I’m filled with rage.

I even christened my brand new, special order, limited edition olive green Midori travelers notebook and finally got the nerve to make a mark in it! I wrote the word GREENVILLE and tried every weight pencil and pen for each letter. Then carefully studied each result. Did it bleed through to the other side of the paper? How did it feel on this new paper? Which pen had the blackest black? Which pen inspired me most? I compared it indoors then walked out on the balcony to view in natural sunlight. Then back inside. Then back outside. I eliminate 3 of the 10, then add 7 writing utensils to my bag and take a photo of the lineup for future reference.

I just finished a book about how to become an imperfectionist. I'm not sure it took.

I need a mission!

To help me get out of my anxiety-riddled head. Not a lofty complicated mission, but a simple, dumb mission that forces me to go outside and interact with the world — no overthinking allowed.

So here goes … I’m in GREENville. It’s St. Paddy’s day weekend. What if I make it my mission to pay attention to only GREEN things?

Armed with my iPhone, and my GREEN midori notebook I wandered the town. As soon as I walked outside i realized – damn there’s a lot of green out there. Maybe I should’ve picked salmon. After deciding to try and focus on cool unexpected greens I found a light saber battle in a pavilion (red vs. green), captured a carriage horse drinking from a green trough, and almost caught a motorcycle that had it’s own backlit green lights on it. 


I started by counting all the green shirts from my AirBnb to the main square of the town.


And here’s the results of my photo scavenger hunt in a handy GIF!


The results? I ended up having a blast seeking out green and noticing random things that I normally wouldn’t have discovered. It got me out of my head and into the world instantly. No overthinking. No over-analyzing, FOMO voice wondering if I’m doing the absolutely-most-fantastic option.

Don’t mind me, I’m just out here looking for green things!

I’m looking forward to more mundane missions to come! #mundanemissions?

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