The Birth of the Ultimate Trip Planner

Destined for Trip Planning

It’s a typical Tuesday afternoon at the office. I’m donning giant headphones -signaling to my co-workers optimum do-not-disturbism and looking very productive typing fervently away on my laptop. What am I devoting my talents to with such intense focus? Booking flights, of course!

Yes, Mozart heard a symphony the moment he laid eyes on a keyboard, Steven Hawking imagined event horizons at the center of the galaxy and I, Ashley, envisioned washing lace underwear in the sink and applying tiny, travel-sized mascara. (I just compared myself to Mozart.)

So I’ve got a passion for trip planning. I enjoy the challenge of it, especially going solo.

Ever arrived in a country you’ve never been, where no one speaks your language, you have no place booked, no transportation and have no idea what to do next? My extreme spontaneity put me in that situation far too many times. But with trial and error, and a lot of luck, I’ve transformed into quite the trip ninja. I find better ways to travel, on a budget, discover authentic experiences and always try to push myself out of my comfort zone.

It started as something for myself. I’m selfish. I just wanted one place where all the details of my trip could live. My budget, my packing lists, my confirmations, my arrival plan etc. Before my trips I always tried to research, beyond the guidebooks, on cool restaurants, hotels and activities that seemed perfect for me. I wanted to bring it with me, and add to it when I was traveling. Picking up insider tips along the way. I wanted to be so well planned that I would be confident going solo. I wanted one place where everything remotely related to my trip could live as one big organized trip family in a handy three ring binder.

I wanted the perfect trip planner for me. It didn’t exist. So I made it up.

It took 2 years, on and off, perfecting it. Road testing it. Marking it up, then rewriting, redesigning and changing it. Then after some interest from some girlfriends, I discovered maybe this isn’t only perfect for JUST me. Maybe I can pass along my tips to help others plan their perfect trips!

So without further adieu check out the landing page. Shoot me an email or leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Happy traveling!


The Ultimate Trip Planner

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