Simple toiletries and cosmetics packing

Toiletries can engulf your suitcase. Before you go emptying your bathroom drawers into your bag, balance how you can look great in all those vacation pictures and also look fabulous carrying a super light suitcase.




Make under your make up:

It usually goes like this. I casually ask the lady at the cosmetics counter if they have my fav lip gloss in stock, and an hour later my face is covered in 27 new colors holding a heaping bag of overpriced products. Then I pick up take out and watch TV looking like a million bucks (or a whore, depending on the counter). Good times.

Never would I dream of taking this joy away from a woman. But when you are traveling you need not bring the entire MAC counter with you. Leaving some of your makeup at home will lighten the load and your daily routine so you can be out touring instead of applying a second layer of brow wax.

Pick 1 eye look that goes from day to night.

Matching purple eyeshadow to your purple top is overkill. Take a look at your wardrobe and if you’ve packed right you should have one neutral theme. Then pick one all over color and a darker crease color that goes with most of your wardrobe. Browns OR Grays etc. Go light when you’re touring by day then reapply a bit more drama before drinks. In a perfect world the crease color doubles as a liner. (A brown theme could also fill in eyebrows.) WIN.

Some might suggest a palette that contains one look. I would not. I’m anti palette. I find there’s always two good colors and two crappy ones stuck in to get rid of. I’d rather choose two separate, portable colors. Add some mini size brushes, one for shadow, one for liner. Apply your trial-size mascara. Don’t you look sexy and smart.


Got a travel companion? Fabulous! Not only is your hotel room now 50% cheaper, you can share all their stuff. Double your wardrobe, alakazam! One person packs sunscreen, the other packs shampoo. Coordinate your packing strategy before departure for optimum success.

My sister and I did a month in Europe after college, we shared makeup, clothing and hangovers.

Put it all in one hangable bag

Bathroom counter space can be comically tiny. So when you get to your place hang your toiletry bag on the towel bar/ door knob, etc. No searching, all items that belong in the bathroom are right where they should be, in the bathroom. Have a roomie that’s a bathroom hog? No problem, take your to-go toiletry bag out and get ready anywhere. When you are looking fab in minutes tell them to meet you at the bar.

And repacking? Just zip it up!

What toiletry bag do I use?

I use the Wallaby Two from Eagle Creek. It’s awesome so far. Has a velcro detachable mirror, hook for hanging. Lots of compartments plenty of space, but still stuffable. Folds up neat. And you can see inside most pockets so less guess work. I heart it.

Be airport ready

  • 3.4 ounces of liquid and under is all you need, and all that is allowed for carry-on.
  • Don’t fill bottles up all the way, squeeze out any extra air then close to account for cabin pressure.
  • Always put liquids in a Ziplock bag, whether carrying-on or not.
    (one will explode in your suitcase)
  • If carrying-on, place this at the top of your bag near the zipper opening or in an accessible outside pocket for security.

So what’s in my bag? {Regular trip with hotels

A typical trip to somewhere not off the beaten path:

  • Regular Toothbrush (not electric)
  • Tiny toothpaste
  • Small Dental Floss
  • Deodorant
  • Mini travel Tweezerman tweezers
  • One disposable razor
  • Bare Minerals Loose Powder (works as concealer too!)
  • Cream/ neutral eyeshadow for all over eye
  • Dark Brown eyeshadow:
    Use in crease, as liner and on brows … blend!
  • Mini brushes (eye shadow, eye liner, kabuki for powder/bronzer)
  • Hoola Bronzer (Benefit)
  • Nude/brownish lip gloss
  • Mini Mascara
  • Wexler Skincare Trial Kit:
    What’s greater than makeup? Anti-aging regimens of course. I take out a few steps when traveling. I bring tiny face wash, serum, day and night cream. And the eye cream.) These are small and great for refilling.
  • SPF 30+
  • Travel Fredrick Fekkai styling lotion (yellow olive oil one)
  • Small light round brush
  • No Shampoo / Conditioner / Body lotion /Hairdryer … most hotels have this

What’s in my bag? {Roughing it version

This is what I brought to Nepal for a month of trekking with the city sprinkled in. It was just enough to make me feel fresh, with no running water or electricity. I was quite happy with what I brought. I attempted to go to the camping store and get stuff, but there wasn’t time to test them out (and everything had the word camp in it). So I made up my own with a combination of Sephora and Target. The Sephora staff tried to convince me to lug my Clarisonic around the Himalayas, hilarious.

  • Oscar Biandi Dry Shampoo/travel size:
    I used the powder version, slightly messy but amazing how undirty my hair looked.
  • Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral Powder:
    It’s not as messy as other mineral powders. I brought a kabuki brush which is small with good coverage. This was the only thing I did all over my face.
  • Mini Mascara:
  • Secret Cinical Strength Deodorant:
    I wouldn’t describe myself as sweaty, I of course only glisten. But when I went showerless for over a week this stuff was amazing. I smelled fantastic, considering.
  • Wet Wipes/FaceWipes:
    (aka shower)
  • Regular Toothbrush
  • Travel size toothpaste
  • Small Dental Floss
  • moisturizing chapstick with SPF
  • Wexler Skincare Trial Kit:
    Brought the tiny face wash, serum, day / night cream.
  • Neutrogena Sport Sunscreen SPF 70 Lotion:
    Sun is extra strong at high elevations.
  • Aveda Shampoo and Conditioner:
    (filled up my travel bottles … put in plastic bag it will explode)
  • Liquid Soap in travel bottle
  • Tiny body lotion
    Your skin will get dry up there
  • One roll of toilet paper (buy more on the trail)
  • Blister pads (small duck tape rolls works too)
  • Band-aids



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